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Anatomy Mnemonics Collections for Medical Students Set-2

anatomy mnemonics
Today I am happy to share set 2 of  medical anatomy mnemonics .These are collected from various offline and online sources including text books.If you know any other anatomy mnemonics please share via comments.

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2nd set

Perineal Body

-Levator ani
-External anal sphincter
-Superficial transverse perinei
-Sphincter urethra
-Deep transverse perinei

Muscles of the POSTERIOR compartment of LEG
"Go Pee Sam - Till Fanny Hurts Long, Fanny Drops
Long & POPs"
•Tibialis posterior
•Flexor Hallucis Longus
•Flexor Digitorum Longus

Pterygoid Muscles
your jaw is now open, so lateral opens mouth

your jaw is still closed, so medial closes the mouth
Relationship of Thoracic Duct to Esophagous and Azygous
"The duck is between two gooses."

AzyGOUS (right) and EsophaGUS (left)
Retroperitoneal Structures in Abdomen

-Suprarenal glands
-Aorta & IVC
-Duodenum (2nd and 3rd segments)
-Colon (ascending & descending)
-Esophagus (anterior & left covered)

112 212 111
(Primarily or secondarily)
Rinne Test
"NO BS!!!"

Nerve = opposite side damage
Bone = same side damage
Scalp Nerve Supply

-Greater occipital
-Greater auricular
-Lesser occipital
Sciatic Foramen Structures

-Posterior cutaneous nerve of thigh
-Inferior gluteal vessels and nerves
-Nerve to quadratus femoris

-Pudendal nerve
-Internal pudendal vessels
-Nerve to obturator internus
-Sciatic nerve
Scrotum Layers
"Some Days Eddie Can Irritate People Very Thoroughly"

-Dartos layer
-External spermatic fascia
-Cremaster muscle
-Internal spermatic fascia
-Parietal tunica vaginalis
-Visceral tunica vaginalis
-Tunica albuginea
Spermatic Cord Contents
"Players Don't Contribute To A Good Sex Life"

-Pampiniform Plexus
-Ductus Deferens
-Cremasteric Artery
-Testicular Artery
-Artery of the Ductus Deferens
-Genitofemoral Nerve
-Sympathetic Nerve Fibers
-Lymphatic vessels
Suprascapular Artery and Nerve
Army over Navy

Artery goes over the nerve
Tarsal Bones
"Come try nice mozzarella in Lake Como."
(clockwise if left foot)

-Medial cuneiform
-Intermediate cuneiform
-Lateral cuneiform

(Not included: metatarsals, phalanges - toes)
Tendons, Medial Malleolus (Ant to Post)
"Tom, Dick, And Very Nervous Harry"

-Tibian tendon
-(Flexor) Digitorum
-Artery (Posterior Tibial)
-Vein (Posterior Tibial)
-Nerve (Tibial)
-(Flexor) Hallucis


"Tiny Dogs Are Not Hunters"

-Tibialis posterior muscle
-(Flexor) Digitorum longus muscle
-Artery (Posterior Tibial)
-Nerve (Tibial)
-(Flexor) Hallucis longus muscle
Thoracoacromial Artery Branches
"CA Police Department"

Tibia: Muscles of Pes Anserinus (Medial Side)
"A Girl between Two Sargeants"

Gracilus is between Sartorius and Semitendonosus
Trigeminal Nerve: where Branches exit Skull
"Standing Room Only"

-Superior Orbital Fissure
-Foramen Rotundum
-Foramen Ovale
Types of Tonsils

People have different types:
Ulnar Palsy
"BCDEF of Music"

-Book test
-Card test
-ADductor pollicis paralysed
-Egawa test
-Froment's sign
-Musicians nerve
V3 innervated Muscles
"My A$$ Temporarily Meets The Toilet"

-Anterior digastric
-Tensor veli palatini (also opens Eust. tube)
-Tensor tympani
V3: Sensory Branches

-Buccal (long)

-Auriculotemporal=formed by 2 roots surrounding middle meningeal that's approaching foramen spinosum

-Inf. alveolar=branches into nerve to mylohyoid(going to floor of mouth) and mental out of mental foramen

-Lingual=chorda tympani from CNVII joins lingual in infratemporal fossa carrying preganglionic parasympathetics to submandibular ganglion where postganglionic fibers travel via terminal branches of the lingual nerve to the SUBMANDIBULAR and SUBLINGUAL salivary glands
Vasculature on the Back of Neck

From either direction, occipital Artery, greater occipital Nerve, greater occipital Nerve, occipital Artery"
Which is bigger- Tib or Fib?
"Little fib"

Fibula is smaller

Femoral artery: Branches

"Put My Leg Down Please"
•Profunda femoris
•Medial circumferential femoral artery
•Lateral circumferential femoral artery
•Descending genicular artery
•Perforating artery

Tarsal tunnel: Structures passing through

"Tiny Dogs Are Not Hunters"
•Tibialis posterior
•flexor Digitorum longus
•Posterior tibial artery
•Tibial nerve
•flexor Hallucis longus

4 Ab Muscles

-Internal oblique
-Rectus abdominus
-External oblique

Abdominal Aorta Branches (Descending)
"Prostitutes Cause Sagging Swollen Red Testicles [in men] Living In Sin"

-Phrenic [inferior]
-Superior mesenteric
-Suprarenal [middle]
-Testicular ["in men" only]
-Inferior mesenteric
Abductors vs. Adductors in Hand
"Dab the Pad"

Dorsal = abduct
Palmar = adduct
Adductor Magnus Innervation
"AM SO!"

Adductor Magnus innervated by Sciatic and Obturator nerves
Adductor Muscles of the Hip
"AAA, Pretty Good!"

-Adductor magnus
-Adductor longus
-Adductor brevis
Anterior Comp't Leg

-Tibialis anterior
-Extensor hallucis longus
-Anterior tibial artery
-Deep peroneal nerve
-Extensor digitorum longus
-Peroneus tertius
Anterior Forearm Muscles: Superficial
"Pass/Fail, Pass/Fail.... Fail"

-Pronator teres
-Flexor carpi radialis
-Palmaris longus
-Flexor carpi ulnaris
-Flexor digitorum superficialis
Aortic Arch Branch Order
Just know your "ABC'S"

-Aortic arch
-Brachiocephalic trunk
-Common carotid
Atrioventricular valves

Left atrium - bicuspid
Right atrium - tricuspid
Axillary Artery Branches
"Screw The Lawyer, Save A Patient"

-Superior thoracic
-Lateral thoracic
-Anterior circumflex humeral
-Posterior circumflex humeral

.Muscles of MEDIAL compartment of the THIGH

" G.P. ADDs a Bloody Lot of Margarine " - make their
inner thighs flabby
•ADDUCTORS - Brevis, Longus, Magnus
Origin: All arise from Pubis, except Pectineus = Pubic
Insertion: All are inserted to Femur, except Gracilis =

Muscles of the LATERAL compartment of LEG

" Fly Long Superficial Fly Boy"
•Fibularis Longus
•Superficial fibular nerve = innervation for both
•Fibularis Brevis
6.Femoral triangle: Boundaries
"Femoral triangle is shaped like a SAIL":
•Aductor longus
•Inguinal Ligament

Tarsal bones
"Tall Californian Navy Medcial Interns Lay Cuties" or
"Tiger Cubs Need MILC"
In order (right foot, superior to inferior, medial to
•Medial cuneiform
•Intermediate cuneiform
•Lateral cuneifrom
Alternatively "Tiger Cubs Need MILC":

.Inversion and Eversion muscles of leg

Think: Inversion and Eversion muscles of leg follow
the "Second letter rule".
Eversion muscles:
•pEroneus longus
•pEroneus brevis
•pEroneus terius
Inversion muscles:
•tIbialis anterior
•tIbialis posterior

Anterior compartment of leg: Structures

" TEA DEPt. "
•Tibialis anterior
•Extensor hallucis longus
•Anterior tibial artery
•Deep peroneal nerve
•Extensor digitorum longus
•Peroneus tertius

Popliteal fossa: medial to lateral arrangement

"Serve And Volley Next Ball":
•Semimembranosus/ Semitendonosus
•Biceps femoris
•Lateral and medial heads of Gastrocnemius are
inferior borders

Carpal bones "Some Lovers Try Positions
That They Can't Handle":
· Proximal row then distal row, both lateral-to-medial:
· Alternatively: "Scared Lovers..."
· Alternatively: "Senior Lecturers...".

Extrinsic muscles of tongue [for pro soccer fans] "Paris
St. Germain's Hour":
· PSG is a French soccer team (foreign), hence extrinsic comes to mind.

Autonomics to the gut "The PARAsympathetics follow a
rule of TWO" [pair = two]:
· The vagus does the top, the sacral splanchnics the outflow tract.
"The sympathetics follow a rule of threes":
· Greater, lesser, least splanchnic nerves go to the celiac,superior and
inferior mesenteric ganglion.

External carotid artery branches "Some Angry
Lady Figured Out PMS":
Superior thyroid
Ascending pharyngeal
Posterior auricular
Superificial temporal

Descending abdominal aorta: seven divisions "Sometimes
Intestines Get Really Stretched Causing Leakage":
Suprarenals [paired]
Inferior mesenteric
Gonadal [paired]
Renals [paired]
Superior mesenteric
Lumbar [paired]

Vagus nerve: path into thorax "I Left my Aunt
in Vegas":
Left Vagus nerve goes Anterior descending into the thorax.

Carpal bones "Happy Cat Tom Took
Pie To Little Sister":

Brachial plexus: branches of posterior cord STAR:
Subscapular [upper and lower]

Saphenous veins: path of great vs. small at malleolus "MAGdelaine
has varicose veins" [The saphenous veins are important for varicose veins]:
Medial maleolus, Anterior to maleolus, and Great saphenous
go together.
Then the opposites of these go together: Small saphenous is posterior
to the lateral maleolus.

Menisci attachments in knee "Each meniscus has something
attached to it":
The medial meniscus has the medial collateral ligament.
The lateral meniscus is attached to the popliteal muscle.

Spermatic cord contents "3 arteries, 3 nerves,
3 other things":
3 arteries: testicular, ductus deferens, cremasteric.
3 nerves: genital branch of the genitofemoral, cremasteric, autonomics.
3 other things: ductus deferens, pampiniform plexus, lymphatics.
· Note some argument about this: Moore doesn't put in cremasteric nerve, Lumley
puts in inguinal...

Adductor magnus innervation "AM SO!":
Adductor Magnus innervated by Sciatic and Obturator.

Scalp layers SCALP:
· From superficial to deep:
Connective tissue
Loose areolar tissue

Lumbar plexus roots "2 from 1, 2 from 2, 2
from 3":
2 nerves from 1 root: Ilioinguinal (L1), Iliohypogastric (L1).
2 nerves from 2 roots: Genitofemoral (L1,L2), Lateral Femoral
2 nerves from 3 roots: Obturator (L2,L3,L4), Femoral (L2,L3,L4).

Female pelvic organs' blood supply "3 organs, each
get 2 blood supplies":
Uterus: uterine, vaginal.
Rectum: middle rectal, inferior rectal [inferior rectal is the end of pudendal].
Bladder: superior vesical, inferior vesical.

Cervical plexus: arrangement of the important nerves "GLAST":
· 4 compass points: clockwise from north on the right side of neck:
Great auricular
Lesser occipital
Accessory nerve pops out between L and S
Transverse cervical

Liver: side with ligamentum venosum/ caudate lobe vs. side with
quadrate lobe/ ligamentum teres "VC goes with VC":
The Venosum and Caudate is on same side as Vena Cava
[posterior]. Therefore, quadrate and teres must be on anterior by default.

Joints in the midline "SC":
In medial line, below Second Cervical, joints are Secondary
Cartilaginous and usually have a diSC.
· Notes: secondary cartilaginous is also known as symphysis. The one that
doesn't have a disc is xiphi-sternal.

Anterior forearm muscles: superficial group There are five,
like five digits of your hand.
Place your thumb into your palm, then lay that hand palm down on your other arm,
as shown in diagram.
Your 4 fingers now show distribution: spells PFPF [pass/fail, pass/fail]:
Pronator teres
Flexor carpi radialis
Palmaris longus
Flexor carpi ulnaris
Your thumb below your 4 fingers shows the muscle which is deep to the other
four: Flexor digitorum superficialis.

Median and ulnar nerves: common features Each supply 1/2 of
flexor digitorum profundus.
Each supplies 2 lumbricals.
Each has a palmar cutaneous nerve that pops off prematurely.
Each supplies an eminence group of muscles [ulnar: hypothenar. median: thenar].
Each enters forearm through two heads [ulnar: heads of flexor carpi ulnaris.
median: heads of pronator teres].
Each has no branches in upper arm.
Each makes two fingers claw when cut at wrist.
Each supplies a palmaris [median: palmaris longus. ulnar: palmaris brevis].

Thyroids: relative sizes Thyroid looks like a bra (see
Breasts are bigger in women, so thyroid bigger in women.
Pregnant women have biggest breasts of all, so they have the biggest thyroids.

Superior thyroid artery branches "May I Softly
Squeeze Charlie's Girl?":
Superior laryngeal

Abdominal muscles "Spare TIRE around their abdomen":
Transversus abdominis
Internal abdominal oblique
Rectus abdominis
External abdominal oblique
Perineal vs. peroneal Perineal is in between
the legs.
Peroneal is on the leg.

Cranial bones "PEST OF 6":
· The 6 just reminds that there's 6 of them to remember.

Deep tendon reflexes: root supply "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8":
S1-2: ankle
L3-4: knee
C5-6: biceps, supinator
C7-8: triceps

L4 landmark: 2 items "B4U" [before you]:
Bifurcation of aorta

Bowel components "Dow Jones Industrial
Average Closing Stock Report":
· From proximal to distal:
· Alternatively: to include the cecum, "Dow Jones Industrial
Climbing Average Closing Stock Report".

Lung lobes: segments of right middle lobe "ML=ML":
Segments of Middle Lobe are Medial & Lateral.

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