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Instant Anatomy-online resource for anatomy
Instant Anatomy

Today I found an amazing website by Robert Whitaker , which contains note and diagrams .There are tips, mnemonics and lists of questions to bring out the relevance and basic principles.  There are even some anatomical crosswords for enthusiasts.

Main content of this site are :-

  •           Instant Anatomy Audio Visual Lectures
  • ·         Instant Anatomy iPhone/iPad Android Apps
  • ·        1800 MCQs on the Arm, the Leg, the Thorax, the Adbomen, Embryology 
  • ·         Instant Anatomy Video Podcasts
  • ·        The Instant Anatomy CD-ROM 
  • ·         MCQ iPhone app

Instant Anatomy  has loads of diagrams, podcasts and revision quizzes and is a great place to go if you're revising for exams, or need to brush up on your knowledge. Since retiring 20 years ago Robert Whitaker now teaches clinically applied topographical anatomy to first-year medical students at Cambridge University, in the UK. He also teaches clinically applied anatomy to surgical, radiological and other speciality trainees and is an examiner for the MRCS at the English and Edinburgh Colleges of Surgeons.

The free diagrams on Instant Anatomy are clear, colourful and give you the key points, without the unnecessary detail. The lectures that are available are also extremely well done and easy to followNot all of the podcasts and quiz questions are available on the site, if you're after more content you can purchase and download the Instant Anatomy CD ROM or one of the flash card, quiz or lecture apps available for iPhone or Android 

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