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Immunoglobulins: Important Points To Remember

1. Smallest Ig- IgG
2. Largest Ig- IgM
3. Maximum serum concentration- IgG
4. Minimum serum concentration- IgE
5.Heat Labile- IgE
6. Earliest to be Synthesised (primary immune response)- IgM
7. Secondary immune response- IgG
8. Crosses Placenta- IgG
9. Minimum half Life- IgE
10. Maximum half life- IgG

11. Protects Surfaces- IgA
12. Warm Antibodies- IgG
13. Cold Antbodies- IgM
14. Present in Milk- IgG and IgA
15. Fix complements via classical pathway- IgM & IgG
16. Fix complements via alternative pathway- IgA & IgD
17. Primary allergic response- IgE
18. Maximum sedimentation cofficient- IgM
19. Reagin activity - IgE
20. Antigen recognition by B cells - IgD
21. Prausnitz kustner reaction - IgE
22. Homocytotropism - IgE
23. Present in milk - IgA & IgG
24. Highest carbohydrate - IgE
25. Lowest carbohydrate - IgG



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