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THIS IS A SPECIALLY MADE SEARCH ENGINE WITH THE HELP OF GOOGLE SEARCH.TYPE TEXT BOOK NAME plus AUTHOR NAME IN SHORTeg: medicine harrison,surgery bailey ,anatomy netter ,medicine davidson,pathology robbins.Download books from shared sites

Medical & pharmacological news guide for medical professionals

Medical and pharmacological news, case studies and specialty and subspecialty-specific updates on latest in treatment and research. A website that provides individualized insight into the latest updates and literature filtered from over 200 well recognized national and international journals

One of the great features of DocGuide is that subscribers can star an interesting article they have just read which translates into a voting system enabling us to see which articles have shaken the boat recently.

DocGuide is a physician only community in that they check the license of each and every subscriber. This is good in ensuring a pure doctors rating of the articles.

Another great feature of DocGuide App is that it’s highly individualized and tailored to our needs. For example when you choose pediatrics you get to see only those articles that are of interest in pediatrics and even you can segment that into what type of articles you want to see such as pure research, clinical, news and press and others.


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