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Internal Medicine Lecture Series

The University of Texas-Houston Medical School has their ‘Internal Medicine Introductory Lecture Series online. Check them out, very helpful for medical students / residents

Title Title

Top 12 Phone Calls - Chief Residents

Chest Pains and Acute MI - Emma Cid, MD
Oncology Emergencies - Joan Bull, MD Hypertensive Emergencies - Ed Parsley, MD
Acute Renal Failure and Oliguria - Kevin Finkel, MD Ethical Dilemmas - Eugine Boisaudin, MD
Fever - Luis Ostorsky-Zeichner, MD Intern Support - Chief Residents
Dermatologic Emergencies - Asra Ali, MD Acid Base Disorders - John Foringer, MD
Arrythmias - Francisco Fuentes, MD Respiratory Failure - Bela Patel, MD
DKA - Victor Lavis, MD Case Wars - Residents
Medical Jeopardy - Chief Residents Acute Monoarthritis - Frank Arnett, MD
Sickle Cell Pain Crisis - Harinder Juneja, MD Electrolyte Disorders - Andrew Kahn, MD
Stroke Management - James Grotta, MD Management of GI Bleed - Gene Lesage, MD
Pain Management - Jerry Brass, MD Ischemic EKG Changes - Emma Cid, MD
Intern Support - Chief Residents Hypertension - S.N. Rahman, MD
COPD Exacerbation - Estrada Y.Martin, MD CHG - Rebecca Hung, MD
Respiratory Failure - Belat Patel, MD Endocrinologic Emergencies - Phil Orlander, MD
Medical Jeopardy - Chief Residents Evidence Based Medicine - Virginia Moyer, MD
Case Wars - Chief Residents Hematologic Emergencies - Miguel Escobar, MD
Common Arrhythmias - Emma Cid, MD Rheumatologic Emergencies - Dr. Arnett
Chest Pain - Dr. Arnett Hypertension - Dr. Rahman
ARF - Dr. Finkel Code Blue - Dr. Rahmah
Overdose - Dr. Molony Stroke - Dr. Grotta
Acid/Base - Dr. Foringer Oncology Emergencies
Ethics - Dr. Boisaubin Acute Pain - Dr. Adebayo
New Tools in Clinical Practice - Dr. Puig Respiratory Failure - Dr. Patel
HTN Urgency GI Bleed


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