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Anatomy Android Mobile Application for medical students.

I am very happy to share with you the new Anatomy MCQ App of by Dr Abhishek Gupta
Apart from the new look and feel the new Anatomy App has a lot of exciting features developed based on the feedback received from thousands of students who used their earlier version of the App.
Some notably cool features of the new app are
a. Practice till you Learn- This feature is an algorithm in which questions will be randomly displayed to you till learn it completely. The algorithm repeats the questions which you get incorrect more often and hence the questions displayed adapts according to your learning curve. So if you get a question incorrect it will be displayed twice the number of times you get it incorrect. So if you get a question wrong the first time it will be repeated two times , and if you get it wrong again then it will be repeated four times and you have to get it correct all the four times to be deemed as the concept learned. So in effect you don’t have to worry which concepts you have learned or which concepts you are still not confident as the system will keep a record of it and display questions according to your learning curve.
b. Progress Bar - While the earlier version had the progress bar but this version also displays the number of questions completed and total number of questions present in each unit so that you can plan your practice sessions c. Ability to bookmark important questions for last minute revision d. Ability to share questions with your friends on Whats App e. Auto Update of new questions on monthly basis f. Ad Free version. While the FREE version is still ads supported but the students have the ability to upgrade to the premium version for a minimal amount to remove ads from the applications. g. News and Update section is active h. Flash Cards- An important update in the new version is that we have included flash cards which the students can use to learn and revised important concepts on the go 

Please use this application and give me the feedback.
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amitgupta August 13, 2015 at 11:41 PM  

Thanks for The Review

Dayyal D April 4, 2016 at 2:09 PM  

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Happy reading guys, and I hope I helped you out :)

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